Code of Conduct

We've created this game to give free fun to all of you, anyplace and anytime. With the objective of guaranteing a better experience to our users, we've elaborated this code of good practices, so that all players contribute also to the fun of others.

Play Fair

Play without trying to manipulate the outcome of matches to earn points and climb quickly in the ranking. Each user is allowed to play only using a single device in the table. Cheating is any action that goes against the rules of the game. Our ranking does not give prizes to users, so who cheats only annoys other users, disturbing the game's dynamics, and becoming one unapproved user for our community.

Irregular conduct and ranking

We analyze the ranking periodically, so we are always monitoring people who try to manipulate the results. You can help us by making a complaint.

Complaints are the instrument that allows you to help us to maintain order. The reported player will be monitored by our team. If confirmed the anticompetitive practice, the user will be alerted by email. If the practice persists, appropriate sanctions will be applied according to the time set by our staff to apply the standard procedure (after periodic reviews). The penalties are decided unilaterally according to the criterion of our staff and is based on data stored on servers and / or evidence supplied by the players.


Complaints about bad behavior and attempts to circumvent the mechanics of the game are welcome. If you have interest in making a complaint about any abusive behavior, send an email to the address .

About punishment

The punishments are permanent and applied according to the criteria of our team (explained above), and come from the loss of points, to the registration's banishment in all our games. If you are interested in repporting any abuse, send an email to

Insults in the Chat

In our games, people from all around the world are connected to have fun. We know that everyone is different and many can not get along. That is why players have to respect each other. Never reply to provocations, remember: If another person insults you, your best option is to report it, pulling a print screen and sending it to If you answer in the same way, may be reported and penalized too, after all, you will be making the same mistake, so do not feed this unfortunate attitude.

The actions that are not allowed in our chat are:

- Insults or swearing (which may be racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, pornography, obscene or distasteful)

- Harassment of another player

- Illegal activities

- Discussions that might injure the game rules

- Pedophilia

We evaluate each case separately and we reserve the right to suspend or ban any account that does not meet these standards in all of our games.

We take this opportunity to remind that users also cannot add photos that contain:

- Nudity or pornography, gestures or offensive and obscene language. Explicit violence , xenophobia, racism, or lack of respect to a group or nationality, distasteful content, or missing with respect to the other players.

Remember, our game is familiar, we have people of all ages playing! ;)

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